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Pag folk costumes are still being kept in many families. Inherited or made after the old ones, they are extremely valuable and tell us much about how local people appreciate their heritage. The origins of the folk costumes date from the medieval Venice, and have been kept preserved as such until today. Male costume is very simple; it consists of a white shirt, white trousers and a short black jacket.

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Saturday 16 Feb 2019

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The tradition of making wine has been existing for centuries on the island. Wine-growing used to be one of the bases of the economy of the island. Yearly, grapes crop amounted 3.300 tons. Major part was used in wine production, and only a smaller part was sold.

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One wine sort known throughout centuries is Žutica. Today, we have quality wines such as "Gegić" and"Burin". The largest viticulture areas were in the area of the fields of Kolan and Novalja, than Julovica, Svilno, Blato, Murvica and Vodice. Rapid urbanisation of Pag caused disappearing many of the vineyards and reducing the area they covered in 2 /3, in the period from 1967 to 2001. In the year 2002. wine-growing begun to restore and nowadays it reaches once again the production of it's golden years. Wines of Pag are lighter wines that are mostly drunk with fish dishes. However, there are also wines which match with somewhat heavier food, like lamb for example. Homemade wines can be bought directly from individual manufacturers who usually have a sign in front of their houses that says: "wine". Wine used to be sold strictly in wine cellars once. There is one tap-room in Pag, but all the wines of Pag can be found in stores produced by the company "Vinogradi otoka Paga" (Vineyards of the island of Pag). If you wish to purchase wines directly from local households it is best to enquire among people because they will know where to find the best wine. The wines of Pag do not contain high percentage of alcohol. Once, the unsold wine used to be turned into vinegar. Farmers were drinking vinegar, even more than wine, because it was believed it brought strength. Homemade wine was often consumed as a base for a whole meal in the way that bread was soaked into red wine.


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